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Carved decorations from vegetables & fruits for receptions & buffets


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for Sushi, AlpenZushi, Thai Cuisine, vegetable & fruit carving, ice carving, chocolate carving



sushi of fresh, seasonal local ingredients. vegan, fish, meat.



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photos of the works of Alex & Angkana, instructional videos & TV appearances

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Angkana und Alex Neumayer

Welcome to our culinary-arts homepage!

We offer you a comprehensive range for culinary-arts and Asian cuisines. A high degree of creativity paired with 35 years of gastronomy experience, 15 years of experience in holding of workshops and courses allow us to enrich a variety of events.

Our activities have already been used by customers from many different countries. Whether for festivals, trade fairs, food promotions or live chefs, - carving events, or food-related artistic buffet decorations.

Contact us for a tailor-made offer for your events.

Medaillen Kochen und Kunst

Welcome to the online shop of Kochen & Kunst, a company specializing in tools and equipment for culinary arts. All articles offered on this website were tested by us and can be recommended as  high grade quality.


  • Carving tools
  • Modelling tools
  • Soaps
  • Reference books
  • Decor tools
  • Sushi equipment