AlpenZushi - sushi from home

Have you ever heard of AlpenZushi?
The exciting fusion of two cultures, which on a closer look have more in common that you might think. Here, as in Japan and the Alps, foods dried, fermented, smoked and pickled. The idea of bringing sushi into the Alps and combining it exclusively with regional, seasonal products is therefore very obvious.

With AlpenZushi we have discovered a new type of sushi.
In short: AlpenZushi shows in a refined, seasonally varied manner what nature has to offer in the Alpine region. Whether for vegans, vegetarians or meat & fish lovers, here are the right sushi for every taste.

Maki, Nigiri, Oshi, Chriashi or Temaki, in a traditional way of production combined with taste experiences from the Alpine region.

Depending on the season, we can roll and shape great recipes

  • Maki roll with herbs perfumed sushi rice, apricots and crispy San Daniele flakes
  • Tatar from char, grilled white asparagus with grain rice
  • Chanterelle mushroom Maki
  • Inside-Out Maki roll with carpaccio from local beef and alpine herbs
  • Nigiri with boletus mushroom,rocket lettuce and lemon pepper
  • Maki with pickled butternut squash, apple and red radish
  • Temaki with fried hokaido pumpkin, beetroot and salmon trout
  • Rosmarin-Pesto, pear and walnut Maki, as well as many more

Our matching dip sauces complete the whole.

AlpenZushi for you

  • Live in front of the guests prepared for events of all kinds
  • Workshops for professionals and hobby cooks
  • Private or company-internal courses
  • As an addition to your buffet or reception


Our book AlpenZushi with the ISBN number 978-3-9811970-5-1 can be ordered directly in our Onlineshop or in the next book store.

AlpenZushi - das Sushi aus der Heimat
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