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Book "Tischdekkorationen"

Our award winning book of fruit & vegetable carving

No matter if you are a professional cook or cooking and decorating is your hobby, everybody who likes
to decorate with fruits & vegetable can do it easily with the help of this award winning book.
The aim of this book is to give you ideas to turn on the creativity within you that fruit & vegetable carving might become one of your favourite hobbies.

With step by step instructions and numerous tips this book should help you on the way to success
in vegetable carving. This book will teach some important basic carving techniques, shown in various decorations for plates, cocktails and arrangements. Other highlights are beautiful carved melons and pumpkins as well as nice small centrepieces of figural objects.

fruit and vegetable carving Tischdekorationen fruit and vegetable carving
fruit and vegetable carving fruit and vegetable carving fruit and vegetable carving



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