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Kochen & Kunst (www.kochenundkunst.at) was founded in 2004.
It´s owner, Alex Neumayer was previously an executive chef in several 5-star hotels throughout Asia and the US.

Over the past years Alex and his wife Angkana Neumayer have won several gold medals at international culinary arts competitions around the globe, including gold medals at the prestigious “Culinary Olympics”.

Nowadays it’s the aim of Alex & Angkana Neumayer to pass on their gained knowledge in Asian cuisines as well as culinary artistry. They do seminars and workshops for top hotels, caterers as well as hobby cooks and food lovers in several countries throughout the world.

They are also authors of the book “table decorations made of fruits & vegetables”, which won the gourmand book
award for “best chefs book” at the Frankfurt book fair in 2009. Currently only available in german language 
(Titel: „Tischdekorationen aus Obst & Gemüse zum Selbermachen“ ), in autumn of 2009 an english version will
be printed, followed by a russian version in 2010.

Team and awards
Angkana Neumayer

Angkana Neumayer

As a Thai national the art of fruit & vegetable carving, as well as the Thai cooking
was laid in the cradle. First I learnt the traditional Thai kitchen from my mother.

Then I spent time with some of the best Thai chefs and artists in
fruit & vegetable carving. Since that time I won a gold medal on every international competition for my fruit & vegetable carvings in which I took part.

In the well known Vietnamese restaurant "Le Danang" in Bangkok I learnt about my so beloved Vietnamese kitchen.

2002 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Salzburg 2 Gold-Medal
2002 Internationale Kochkusnt-Ausstellung, Luzern Gold-Medal
2002 Culinary World Cup, Luxemburg Gold-Medal
2003 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Pittental 2 Gold-Medal, days winner
2004 Intergastra, Stuttgart Gold-Medal
2004 Olympiade der Köche, Erfurth Gold-Medal
2005 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Nürnberg Gold-Medal with distinction
2005 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Salzburg 2 Gold-Medal
2005 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Pittental/Hochwechsel 2 Gold-Medal, days winner
2007 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Pittental/Hochwechsel Gold-Medal
2008 Olympiade der Köche, Erfurth Gold-Medal
Alex Neumayer

Alex Neumayer

Always done from the exotic I spent 18 years in 5-stars hotels around the world.
During my nearly 2 year stay in Los Angeles I got to know the kitchen of California.
This "melting pot" of the cookery fascinates me also even today.

During my 3 years in Hawaii I got an insight in "Pacific Rim Cuisine", with a variety of
fish and seafood like I never experienced before, nor somewhere after. Nevertheless,
most interesting was my 9-year stay in southeast Asia. As well as the culture of these countries their kitchens are also unique. In Hong Kong one is always in the midst of the newest trends worldwide.

While my 7 years in Thailand I led the kitchens in a 5- star hotel with more than 200 cooks.
Some prominent people I cooked for in these days were, the king and queen of Thailand, Michael Jackson,
Janet Jackson, Anthony Quinn, Tony Curtis, Whitney Houston to enumerate... around some.
1987 Salon Culinare Honolulu, Hawaii Gold-Medal, "Governors Trophy" for overal winner
1989 Salon Culinare Kona, Hawaii Gold-Medal, overal winner, best artistic centerpiece
1991 Salon Culinare“HOFEX”, Hongkong Silver-Medal
1997 Salon Culinare Bangkok, Thailand overal winner "Best Hotel in Thailand"
2001 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Pittental Gold-Medal, days winner
2002 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Salzburg Gold-Medal with distinction,
Gold-Medal, days winner
2002 Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung, Luzern Gold-Medal
2002 Culinary World Cup, Luxemburg Gold & Silver-Medal
2003 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Pittental Gold-Medal for icecarving showpiece,
2 Gold-Medal für "Live" Icecarving
2003 1. Bayrische Ice Carving Competition Gold-Medal
2004 Intergastra Stuttgart Gold-Medal
2004 Culinary Olympics, Erfurth Gold-Medal
2005 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Nürnberg Gold-Medal
2007 Internationale Kochkunst-Ausstellung, Pittental
& Icecarving Chamionship
overal winner, days winner, 5 gold-medals
2008 Culinary Olympics, Erfurth Silver-Medal
2010 Culinary World Cup, Luxemburg Gold-Medal
2012 ICulinary Olympics, Erfurth Gold-Medal
2012 Culinray Olympics, Erfurth Jury for vegetable carving



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