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Kurstermine Kochen und Kunst

In the course price are included:

• Tasting in the cooking courses
• Recipes and step by step instruction sheets
• In the carving courses carving tools are available during the course and may be also bought if requested.
• Carved objects and sculptures may be taken home by the participants


Choose from the following course subjects:

Thai Küche

Thai kitchen

The Thai kitchen is a spicy, light kitchen which is very popular.
We will prepare some of the most popular dishes. In addition there are explanations about the Thai kitchen in the general, as well as the most important customary ingredients. Thai dishes are very quick to be made without a lot of expenditure and easy to produce.

Vietnamesische Küche

Vietnamese kitchen

Similarly spicy, however, not as hot as the Thai kitchen. The Vietnamese kitchen is a very light, aromatic and healthy kitchen full with interesting combinations. Many different fresh aromatic herbs are used, every dish is a pleasure for palate and nose.

asiatisches Fingerfood

Asian Fingerfood

Fingerfood is at the moment a "trend thing" We prepare cold and warm fingerfood. The dishes
in this course are partly traditional recipes from south-east Asia, partly Euro- Asian own compositions. Some of these dishes can also be served very well as hors-d'oeuvres.

euro-asiatische Fusionsküche
East meets West
Who wants to join in the culinary conversation creatively , needs to experience East meets West Food: a multicultural kitchen in which products and aromas of the Pacific rim are combined creatively with the western tradition. Cooking techniques from South-East Asia, California and Australia connect rice, fish, fowl, fresh vegetables and herbs. The result is an irresistible taste surprise. A world trip for eyes, nose and palate.

Sushi Kochkurs
Sushi - starting from the basics
Sushi are very popular around the world. We show how to make good Sushi without too much praparation. Most important the right way of cookins sushi rice.
Eisskulpturen schnitzen

Carving Ice sculptures  

Learn the practical conversion of the planning up to the ready sculpture under use of different techniques. In this course you make a harp, fish, swan, shell and a bowl.

Butter Skulpturen

Modelling of butter sculptures

The modelling of butter sculptures is a good basis for the work in chocolate or marzipan. In this course value is placed of stable scaffolding construction, delicacy in the implementation, right proportions and movement in the sculpture. Different techniques are applied. Courses for beginners & advanced. For advanced students the human figure is the central subject.

Obst- & Gemüseschnitzen

Fruit & vegetable carving basic courses

Explanations to fruit & vegetable carving. Learn from basic carving patterns to middle degree of difficulty. Attractive decorations for appetizers, cold dishes and showpieces for buffets.
Every participant receives course documents with step by step instructions.

Fruit & vegetable carving special courses
Gemüseschnitzen Unterwasserwelt
The world under water
We carve different fish, seahorse, prawn, ….
For this classes you should have some previous carving experience.
Melonen Schnitzkunst
Melons carving
On this occasion, attractive melons are carved with different carving techniques.
Melons give especially attractive decorations.

Gemüseschnitzen Melonen und Kürbise
Melons & pumpkins
Simply because color and size, melons and pumpkins make very spectacular decorations for any functions. We start simple, and move to more difficult patterns as time goes on.
Gemüseschnitzen Figuren aus Kürbissen
Figurines from vegetables
Birds, dwarfs, mushrooms, etc. We carve mostly from pumpkins and turnips.
For this classes you should have some previous carving experience.
Masken aus Kürbis

Faces in pumpkin

This course is for anybody that wants to get creative and dig in on pumpkins.
We do a different character in any pumpkin.
Gemüseblumen schnitzen
Attractive vegetable flowers
Various flowers, as shown on picture, will be done,
For this classes you should have some previous carving experience.
Halloweenkürbisse schnitzen
All Halloween
Simple carving on halloween motives. This course can also be done by children over the age of 8 years..
Schokoladenskulpturen schnitzen
Carving chocolate sculptures
Carved from 100% chocolate. Once carved we spray the figures with airbrush, or paint them with food colourings.

Seifenschnitzen Thai soup carving
An ideal course for everyone who does handicraft with pleasure, and is a bit creative. Hand-carved soaps make nice decorations, but also a nice present. Different blossoms are carved. These become partial hand-painted.

If you are a group of at least 6 people, we also hold with  private courses and company internal ones on
a date desired by you. The course length can be tuned individually.


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